Beyond The Screen: Helping Parents to Navigate the Online World

Beyond the Screen isn't about imposing strict bans or cultivating fear of the digital world. It's about empowering parents with knowledge and strategies to guide their children through the online landscape confidently.

Delivered straight to your email. Our eBook and Audiobook is packed with expert insights, practical advice, and actionable strategies to help you and your children enjoy the benefits of the online world safely and wisely:

  • Understand the Digital Landscape: Delve into the complexities of the online world, uncovering the main risks and debunking common myths that affect children's digital well-being.

  • Navigate Beyond Screen Time Limits: Discover the limitations of strict screen time rules and learn alternative strategies for managing your child's digital exposure.

  • Foster a Positive Online Attitude: Overcome fear and negativity associated with digital usage to promote a healthy, balanced approach to technology.

  • Implement Five Essential Online Safety Practices: Practical and straightforward methods to ensure your child's safety and privacy while they explore the digital world.

  • Combat Cyberbullying and Online Stress: Strategies to identify, address, and prevent the digital stressors that affect children's online experiences.

  • Promote Digital Fitness: Customised advice to encourage physical activity and reduce sedentary screen time for children.

  • Utilise a Digital Usage Log: A detailed guide to monitoring and understanding your child's online habits, helping to make informed parenting decisions.

  • Recognise the Need for Professional Guidance: Identify when it's time to seek expert advice on your child's digital behaviour and find the best resources for support.

Empower Your Family to Navigate the Online World Safely, Foster Positive Online Experiences, Establish Digital Boundaries and Cultivate Mindful Internet Use WITHOUT Overwhelming Restrictions or Invasive Monitoring

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