Mummy's Travel Backpack

🎒 Step into style and functionality with our Mummy Travel Backpack! 🌸

Designed for the modern traveller, this backpack is not only a fashion statement but also a practical companion for your adventures. 💼 With its water-repellent fabric and anti-theft features, it keeps your belongings safe and secure wherever you roam.

Equipped with a convenient luggage strap and USB charging port, this backpack takes convenience to the next level, making it perfect for both leisurely getaways and bustling city explorations.

🌟 Whether you're strolling through streets or jet-setting to exotic destinations, our backpack ensures you're always prepared and stylishly on the go.

Upgrade your travel game with our Mummy Travel Backpack and let your wanderlust flourish! ✈️🌺

Size:L:28*W:16*H:43CM (L:11"*W:6.3"*H:17")